Finished in Cusco about a week ago and I just wanted to say I had a blast. Love Fiona and David, ++ points for them.

Aidan Fenoglio

I had a great elective and just wanted to thank everyone for organising trip at Dorset end. The team in Peru was fantastic Fiona was always helpful, jolly and kind and David too was brilliant at organising and ensuring that everyone was enjoying there elective. Bethsi was incredibly generous with her time and constantly went out of her way to ensure that we had the best possible opportunities, and additionally there was Valentin and Dimelsa who were great caretakers and more like houseparents to us all.

Norman Maciver

Thanks a lot for this memorable experience, we couldn't do it without the help of u guys and our Boss Edy! He helped us a lot, we contacted him 24 hrs! We really had a good experience. Continue the hard work! Many thanks to Edy for his warm welcome and support. He was well organised, on time, present 24 hrs, like a father to us ,and a perfect leader.

Latifa Alnaim